Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Creepy-cool sheath dresses from Headhunter Apparel

Headhunter's House of Goods on Etsy deals mostly in cult-horror-themed t-shirts, but they also make a line of sheath dresses with equally cool graphics -- zombie hands reaching up from the hem:

Or Large Marge's bugged-out eyeballs:

They're cool, comfy cotton, perfect for layering. Here's mine, a tribute to Pee-Wee Herman:

I'd have to say it's just about the sexiest dress in existence. :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

BPAL: Troll

I'm wearing this now, and I can't stop smelling my wrist.

In the imp, spicy and sharp. On skin, it's a damp, dark scent -- herbal, green, cold.

As it dries, it just gets sharper. It smells like the deep woods -- like dark, dripping redwood forests on the northwest coast, the sun blocked from view and the ground carpeted with slick brown needles.

This I will wear happily, and likely order a bottle when the imp runs out.

BPAL: Incubus

This is one of those scents I'm not sure I can handle wearing, but is a phenomenal example of the skill and artistry involved in making them.

Fresh from the imp it's sharply herbal, with a musky heat beneath it. On skin the tobacco element emerges and becomes one of the stronger notes. Sweetness evolves behind it all, something sticky and warm, while the sage and mint harmonize an herbal duet.

This is remarkably complex and fascinating, and the notes all play very well off each other. It does, however, leave me smelling like an expensive cigar...and too many of the people I know are very sensitive to such scents. I will relish this as a room scent, though.

BPAL: Delphi

Impressive. In the imp this is heavy and liturgical -- churchy incense.

On skin it's clearly more herbal, with a slightly sharp hint of clean floral. I wasn't sure I wanted to leave it on, as it's an incredibly strong scent when it's wet.

Then it sweetens as it dries, and the faintest hit of honey smooths over the sharper herbal notes. What I'm left with is smoky resins and sacred herbs, with a veil of sweetness drawn over the entire impression. It's serious without being stern.

BPAL: Shanghai

In the imp, it's herbal and vaguely citrus.

On skin, it's clear the herbal scent is green tea. Clean and refreshing, with a cool drizzle of lemon. It mellows and the floral component of the lemon is more evident -- sweet verbena playing in the background.

This is relaxing and refreshing all at once, and it makes me crave a glass of chilled green tea. Perfect for summer, and probably amazing as a morning room scent.

BPAL: Strangler Fig

I love this one.

In the imp it's sweet -- not exactly fruity, but definitely organic. Vegetal, alive.

On my skin it warms a bit, and becomes slightly greener. It's a profoundly humid scent, like freshly-cut and sap-dripping stems. There's a sense of the jungle in this, of wet roots and bark.

As it dries, the fruit comes forward and settles in. It's not at all sharp, but it's juicy. It's perfectly ripe, just five minutes from over-ripe, begging to be tasted at its peak of flavor. And once it's completely dry, it settles into a velvety, cocoa-ish sweetness that is neither cloying nor sugary but simply...sexy.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BPAL: Nero

Another pleasant frimp surprise!

At the first sniff in the vial, it's sharp and herbal -- definitely evergreen, with a bit of citrus taking the bite even deeper.

On skin, it becomes even less mellow. The herbal notes step forward and sharpen the impression further. This is an aggressive scent, one that will not be ignored. It's like a more masculine counterpart to Rome.

I do enjoy this, though I'll more likely use it as a room scent than wear it. It's fresh and cool and clean, but in no way mellow.

I read once in Suetonius that the Emperor Nero used to like to dress as a commoner and go around mugging people. Not that this has anything to do with perfume...I just always thought that was kinda hilarious.